JM Global Discusses the Key to Knowing What Your Gut Is Telling You

Running a business is all about decision-making, and while it’s always wise to base your decisions on statistical analysis and solid information, there are times when the biggest rewards come from hunches and spur-of-the-moment moves. Impulse doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, as it can be used to intuitively capitalize on ideal opportunities and maximize time-sensitive investment returns.

Founder of JM Global, Jose Martin, has plenty of experience with trusting his gut instincts, some of which have led to the development of his immensely successful direct marketing agency. We spoke with him to discuss some tips that entrepreneurs can use to tap into their inner tuition within the realm of business.

“Gut feelings and urges to take action may seem like they pop up out of thin air, but most of the time they’re just the product of your subconscious taking all variables into consideration without you even realizing it. Still, it’s always wise to validate your ideas by doing your due diligence before pouncing on any commitments,” said Jose Martin.

As a firm that specializes primarily in direct marketing, branding, and market research, JM Global relies heavily on proven processes that are strictly based on facts and stats. However, their face-to-face marketing efforts involve a great deal of human interaction, which of course comes with an unpredictable degree of spontaneity.

JM Global strives to hire representatives that have good on-the-spot critical thinking skills. “Our agents in the field can’t really predict how customer engagement is going to go, which questions they’re going to be asked, or other real-world circumstances, so in those cases, we always advise our staff to lean on their experience and trust their own discretion,” said Jose Martin.

“There has to be a balance between acting quickly and covering all the bases beforehand. In fact, the balance should sway in favor of research, as too many impulse decisions can result in disaster. Still, there’s definitely something to be said for keeping an open mind and considering on-demand deviations from your current game plan,” he continued.

Although careful and calculated planning went into making JM Global the brand that it is today, the very spark that birthed the company resulted from a gut feeling that Jose Martin had years ago. Likewise, every great business endeavor progresses from a similar moment of conception, so it’s imperative that entrepreneurs learn to recognize when such epiphanies are worth pursuing.