JM Global Reviews The Business of Persuasion

There’s one thing that every business has in common – they’re all trying to persuade someone to do something, and there’s usually money involved somewhere in the equation. If you persuade the client, customer, or investor, your revenue and capital increases. If you can persuade a website visitor to opt into your email newsletter or click an ad, you build your online brand an income. Regardless of the industry or niche, persuasion is always the name of the game.

Today, we sat down with Jose Martin from JM Global to get a third-party review of one of the greatest business books ever written, The Business of Persuasion, by Harold Burson. As a marketing agency that specializes in helping clients increase their conversion rates and outreach, JM Global has a firm grasp on the art of persuasion, so their owner is an ideal position to provide unique and helpful insight about some of the book’s advantages and highlights.

“Burson does an excellent job of leveraging his decades of experience in public relations to deliver an impressively edifying experience, going far above the typical clichés and rehashed material found in many other books in the genre,” said Jose Martin. “At JM Global we have personally implemented several of the principles we learned in this book to improve the efficacy of our ad copy,” he continued.

As Jose Martin pointed out, it’s apparent that the book is much more than just a compilation of obvious suggestions and affirmations, with a captivating story weaved into each chapter in the form of some of Burson’s most interesting real-life experiences throughout the course of his career. These tales lend credence and authority to the author’s viewpoints, while also giving readers something else to lean on other than mere advice.

The Business of Persuasion opened my eyes to the various ways clients can be pleased and persuaded, and it comes from a PR perspective that many business owners aren’t familiar with,” said Jose Martin from JM Global.

JM Global is a marketing firm that helps brands of all sizes expand their presence into local markets through diversified direct marketing and sales strategies. They are just one of many companies who have read and positively reviewed this book, which most would agree is author Harold Burson’s best work.