JM Global Shares: Confidence is the Best Quality to Have

The idea behind confidence is that it shows self-belief. Others believe in those that believe in themselves. At JM Global, we instill and promote the quality of confidence. We know that in the business industry, we are fast-paced, creative and on our feet 90% of the time. Due to that, the types of individuals that do the best with us are the ones that have confidence. Even if an individual thinks they are a bit timid and not confident, we can train and teach that quality; so that over time all individuals and representatives at our firm will be confident. “Confidence is not something that develops over time. It is a quality that develops from within after experiencing ups, as well as downs,” says Jose Martin, managing director of JM Global.

One of the reasons why we love the quality of confidence is that individuals excel when they believe in themselves. It is excellent for watching others excel not just because they work at our firm, but because they believe in themselves. They know their skill sets and abilities, they are aware of their surroundings and confidence gives them the ability to understand what they are dealing with and how to deal with any situation. At JM Global, we define confidence as how strongly an individual believes in their abilities and performs due to those beliefs.

We recently came across a good read that helps us narrow down why confidence is necessary and possibly how to achieve it for those struggling. According to Psychology Today, an article written by Jim Taylor PH.D., Taylor writes “I have identified five keys to building confidence that will create an upward spiral of confidence. Each key alone can enhance your confidence, but if you use all of them together, you’ll find your confidence growing stronger faster. Your goal involves building your confidence into a strong and resilient force that enables you to remain positive and motivated in the face of the typical and unusual challenges that will inevitably arise as you navigate the corporate jungle in which you inhabit. This high level of confidence will allow you to give your best effort, perform at your highest level consistently, and encourage you to believe you can achieve your goals when it really counts.”