JM Global Empowering the Entrepreneurs of the Future

Making the decision to start your own business can be a challenging step to take, especially when you have no experience of founding and operating a company. First-time startup owners may understandably have some concerns about investing their precious time and funds into an endeavor that isn’t guaranteed to succeed, which is why it’s so important to have a comprehensive marketing and outreach plan. 

Jose Martin, the founder of international marketing agency JM Global, knows just as well as anyone what it takes to get a business off the ground. We sat down with him to discuss how his company has been having a positive economic impact by fostering and facilitating the growth of so many upcoming startups as well as larger companies.“At JM Global, we understand that there are many untapped markets and soon-to-be entrepreneurs in the world, and all of those individuals and ideas are directly responsible for shaping our future. The products and services of tomorrow start with the innovation and branding practices of today,” said Jose Martin.

“Our job is to help creative and ambitious business owners achieve their goals in every possible way, through a diverse range of services that include branding, sales campaigns, direct marketing, and market research. In essence, we take care of the analytics and outreach so that the business owners and operators can focus on delivering quality experiences to their clients and customers,” he continued. There’s a strong barrier of entry that keeps many people from ever realizing their dream of owning a business, so JM Global aims to break that barrier down with effective services that streamline the entire process.  

“Our mission is to deliver the most well-rounded corporate assistance possible through a multi-faceted approach that allows the business owner to take a more hands-off approach. Instead of being directly responsible for managing marketing campaigns and handling other tedious tasks, owners and directors can basically allocate a budget and then leave marketing and sales in the hands of well-qualified direct marketing professionals,” he explained. There’s no overlooking the importance of the role that marketing agencies play in the success of modern businesses. While many entrepreneurs are still trying to handle promotion independently, Jose Martin and staff at JM Global are committed to giving their clients the competitive edge.